Image credit: CC-BY-NC-ND Buzz
Image credit: CC-BY-NC-ND Buzz

Announcing our first keynote speaker for #OER17 … Maha Bali (@bali_maha)


To help those undecided about submitting a proposal for #OER17: The Politics of Open (submissions are open until the 16th November), we are delighted to announce that Maha Bali will be one of our keynote speakers . Maha has been a prolific contributor to open and connected education, exploring innovative ways to help people learn whilst also learning herself. It is perhaps not surprising that Maha is also keen to take this approach with her #OER17 keynote which will not only be interactive but you can follow and contribute to it via Maha’s blog ‘Reflecting Allowed’.

Maha Bali


Maha BaliMaha Bali is Associate Professor of Practice at the Center for Learning and Teaching at the American University in Cairo. International Director of Digital Pedagogy Lab, Editor at the journal Hybrid Pedagogy, editorial board member of Journal of Pedagogic Development and Learning, Media and Technology. She is a Prof Hacker blogger, DML Central blogger, and co-founder of and She considers herself an open and connected educator, learnaholic and writeaholic.

You can follow Bali_Maha on Twitter.

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