Introducing our third keynote speaker Diana Arce (@visualosmosis) Activist Artist and Researcher

Diana Arce (@visualosmosis) is a young American Berlin-based visual and performance artist, whose work focuses on both open education and politics. As an artist she has created works about race, multicultural representations, politics, social critique and personal experiences. Our co-chairs, Josie Fraser and Alek Tarkowski, were delighted that Diana was able to speak at OER17 given how closely her work and interest align to the conference theme ‘The Politics of Open’.

Diana joins our other keynote speakers Maha Bali and Lucy Crompton-Reid creating a line-up we hope the audience will find  stimulating and energising. Registration to attend OER17 is open and you can find out more information about this on our registration page (early bird finishes on 31 January 2017 – this page also contains information on how to apply for funded places).

Diana Arce


Diana Arce is an activist artist and researcher. In 2007 she developed Politaoke, the nonpartisan political speech karaoke bar, which she toured across the United States during the 2008 Presidential election. The success of the US tour and subsequent international shows led to her founding Artists Without a Cause, a non-profit that develops collaborations between activist-artists and social justice groups.

Diana has discussed her work on NPR, BBC Outlook, Deutschland Radiokultur and ARD and has been featured in Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008, Metro New York, The New Amsterdam News, IQ Style and Center for Artistic Activism. She has performed, lectured and led workshops internationally on her work and artistic activism including at Open Engagement, European Alternatives #FixEurope Campus and Open Knowledge Festival ’14. She has a BA in Cultural Studies and Experimental Film from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and an MFA in Art in Context from the University of Arts, Berlin, Germany. She also hold degrees from the Academy of Rebellion and School for Creative Activism.

She’s survived an apartment fire, lived in a commune, traveled internationally and multiple times across the continental United States and once shepherded a herd of sheep in Hawaii. Her latest project, White Guilt Clean Up, is about dismantling white privilege and supremacy via providing online and offline services to individuals and groups.

Follow Diana on Twitter: @visualosmosis