Chris Campbell

Affiliation: Griffith University, Australia
Dr Chris Campbell, works at the Centre for Learning Futures at Griffith University and lectures in Learning Innovation. Her skills in implementing and trialling new technologies are documented in over 50 publications where she has conducted research in online tools in educational settings, including LAMS, Second Life and Assistive eXtra Learning Environments as well as research in technology integration. Chris was involved in the Teaching Teachers for the Future Project at The University of Queensland where she worked with lecturers in implementing different technologies into their teaching. Chris has a keen interest in MLearning and has published various papers pertaining to TPACK and mathematics education. She has also previously had a UQ CIEF grant which used robotics as part of the green city challenge for kids in both Years 1 and 7. Her current research projects include a learning design project with Malaysian school teachers called “Teaching on the cloud: Designing for learning” and research in STEM education as Chris is currently the academic lead of the STEAM Room Project, which is part of the StepUp OLT grant. Chris teaches both pre-service and in-service teachers in the areas of digital technologies, innovation and leadership